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When we first met on site this wall was so bowed in that parts were already collapsed on the basement floor, making it very easy for water to flood the basement. The poor grade played a big role in the wall failing; however, we built it back stronger, and did some additional wall stabilizing, tuckpointing, and brick work for this client.

Screen Shot 2023-04-29 at 12.36.45 AM.png

We installed 3 adjustable posts, and a sump pump here.  We used the posts to raise the floor and the sump pump to collect all the water below the foundation and pump it away from home.  We then came back with the trailer to help them redo their retaining wall.


It doesn't get much better than this.  Starting with a strong foundation, we put this wall back together looking stronger, and better than before.  Years of hydrostatic pressure will force walls to bow in, and eventually collapse.  If it is a concrete foundation or retaining wall we can push it back to a level condition before anchoring it in place.  For stone walls, we just rebuild them.  

This job was fun!  The wall was bowing in because of the poor grade, and poorly installed french drain. We came in and installed deadmen anchors to keep the wall from moving in further down the line.  If you have a good grade, gutter system, and drainage solution in place, then you're doing better than about 75% of homeowners.


This wall was almost like a side quest on a bigger job we landed.  This was on a dig and push we completed in Mission, Kansas.  The main wall was bowing in almost 6 inches and we pushed it back to a level condition and then stabilized all walls with 22 vertical steel wall restraints (I beams).  We also did grading and window well installations (with covers) to get the water away from the home.  

Here, I'm injecting a crack in a concrete foundation with polyurethane.

This job was in Fairway, Kansas and we also installed a sump pump and a window well drain to keep this foundation dry.

Here, I'm drilling a hole through the foundation in order to plumb out sump pump line.  We also stabilized the foundation by putting up 10 vertical steel wall restraints.  Basement is still dry to this day.  Client left a very nice review! 

Here, we're prepping in order to set an adjustable post.  After the hole is dug, we'll fill it with concrete and have a strong surface to lift off of.  We also installed beams and deadman anchors to prevent further inward wall movement, along with drain tile, and a sump pump.  Client now has a very dry basement and a lifetime warranty!

Screen Shot 2023-09-01 at 5.32.13 PM.png

Installing I beams never gets old. They prevent walls from bowing in and give peace of mind to investors and homeowners.  They work on most all foundation walls, if there are obstructions in the way, deadman anchors may be a better alternative.

Screen Shot 2023-09-01 at 5.32.35 PM.png

Drain tile is a great long term solution to water intrusion. It's typically installed with vapor barrier and a sump pump in order to meet the requirements of transferable warranty. 

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